Carbon Accounting

The process of measuring the carbon footprint of even a single product involves measuring the emissions of every input in a manufacturing process across global supply chains. This is not only stressful, but also costly. The process also has no assurance of accuracy.

  • Corporate carbon accounting and offsetting are currently carried out manually. They are time-consuming and expensive. The level of granularity also rarely produces certainty.
  • Measuring broader environmental liabilities, like deforestation, water consumption, and social impact, makes the process complex and also comes with its costs.

Companies that want to quantify their environmental liabilities usually navigate an obscure world beyond their competence, and they end up delivering uncertain results. The process of carbon accounting is complex, expensive, and carbon credit markets are also complex and opaque. Even companies with the right intentions are currently encountering challenges to carbon accounting and offsetting, thereby limiting its use in mitigating global emissions.