Can individuals solve this challenge?

Many see climate change as a big problem. They are now paying attention to what we stand to lose and are ready to play their role in tackling this problem by changing their habits. Although this is not enough, many people are ready to financially contribute to saving the Earth. If we could quantify the challenge posed by climate change per person, like a low amount of $10 per person, many people would be willing to contribute.

However, there are two problems that prevent people from accepting the solution to climate change:

Human thoughts

People could start to believe that they are donating an unfair amount, thinking that others are not contributing or are contributing a very low amount. They could feel that since everybody else is not bothering to contribute $10, they shouldn’t bother either. People commonly think that public organizations and governments should be left to handle the financial obligation, feeling powerless as individuals. This is what economists refer to as the ‘tragedy of the commons.’

Organizational problem

Problems associated with who will be in charge of collecting data and detailing all of the efforts prevent people from embracing the solution to climate change. This is a problem because people know governments won't take this responsibility.

Despite the Paris Agreement's positive sentiment, it's insufficient in tackling the problem. The least it could do would be to bring countries together to tackle climate change.