Natcoin, the climate action asset

When you buy a NATCOIN, real actions are made, trees are planted and ecosystems restored. Nat5 partners will sell services and carbon assets to industries and individuals, so it's safe, profitable and it's a game changer! Natcoin is pure action!

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We created Natcoin, a cryptoactive with which you can not only make a contribution to the fight against climate change, but you can also obtain a financial return

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Investments in ecological restoration to fight climate change​

Our goal is to plant at least 10 million trees to combat climate change and make the crypto world part of the fight, massifying climate action ​

Your investment

You invest in Nat5restoration fund

Your contribution

You finance a C02 sink for the climate and create a natural asset

Your benefit

You gain from the currency appreciation and you trade Natcoin on Nat5 Exchange

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Top Security

Ensures the transparency, validity, integrity and secutiry. Natcoin is equivalent to a concrete climate offset action


The first and unique green Exchange

In the near future NATCOIN will be available in the Nat5 Green Exchange

The first and unique Exchange that includes the world of crypto into the climate action


Both a natural asset and a financial tool

We plant trees and restore ecosystems, generating offset actions both for particular and pros

Crypto and Euros accepted

Deposit BTC, BSC, UsdT BEP20 or € in your account and buy Natcoin right away in a simple process

Mobile friendly

Platform is designed for both desktop and mobile users

Initial Exchange Offering Launchpad

Launch Pad for Responsible Business Related Token

Token Sale

Private sale - 3%
Pre ICO - 7%
ICO stage 1 - 20%
ICO stage 2 - 30%
ICO stage 3 - 40%

Token Distribution

Planting trees - 50%
Marketing and advisors - 10%
Platform development - 5%
Reward system - 10%
Reserve - 25%

Calculate your Footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint and take real actions with Natcoin and be part of our Cimactors

Climate Action


1.2 tons of CO2 offset
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Green Warrior

2.4 tons of CO2 offset
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6.1 tons of CO2 offset
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Natcoin Lover

12.28 tons of CO2 offset
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The Badges of 2 ° much! aim to demonstrate the climate responsibility of companies and individuals who assumed through offsetting their carbon footprint with the use of environmental eco-labels according to ISO 14021 to ensure reliability for self-declared environmental declarations, through a correct verification to avoid negative market effects such as barriers to trade or unfair competition, which may arise as a result of unreliable and false environmental claims.


Benefits of your 2°much! badge
  • Accurate, verifiable and non-misleading environmental statements.
  • Increased potential of market forces to stimulate environmental improvements.
  • Prevention or reduction of questionable claims
  • Facilitation of international trade.
  • Opportunity for your users to make better informed decisions.

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