Earning the Climate Responsibility Badge

The standard is by nature voluntary.The badge program is aligned with the solution proposed by 2°much! to limit climate change by offsetting the carbon footprint, but within its principles is to avoid green washing by only opting for this solution if it is not complemented with a reduction strategy that represents an effort to reduce emissions as much as possible. as fast as possible; As well as avoiding the propagation of the injustices of climate change by transferring the burden of action and sacrifice to others.

The badges help to distinguish the climate responsibility that according to ISO 14021 of Ecolabels and environmental declarations that aim to demonstrate “environmental excellence” of the company, product or calculated element. With these badges you can:

  •     Demonstrate your “environmental excellence”
  •     Give high transparency of liability action.
  •     Generate high consumer awareness. 

How to use the liability badges

A brand guide and accompanying documents will be provided specifying the criteria for its use.

Period of use

The calculation of the carbon footprint of the element to be calculated corresponds to 1 year; From the date of signing the agreement, the period of use begins, which also corresponds to 1 year. Once this period is over, the badge must be removed or updated.


Badge Principles :-

Road to neutrality

Compensation must be complemented with emission reductions: Within the process to obtain the 2 ° much! It is a requirement to complement the climate compensation action to remove CO2 from the atmosphere from the carbon footprint that was calculated, with an emissions reduction strategy, this fosters a real climate responsibility and guarantees compatibility with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Use of long-term agreements: we provide the required certainty of compensation projects to create zero net compensation through agreements with the owners of the properties where the restoration is done for 10 years.
Natural and semi-natural ecosystems: We support the restoration and protection of a wide range of natural and semi-natural ecosystems in their own right; This will not only ensure the ecosystem goods and services that humans depend on, including resilience to the impacts of climate change, but will also contribute to long-term carbon storage.


The badges are supported by the ISO 14021 that supports the environmental declaration in order to avoid claims or marketing tricks; As part of the requirements of this standard, the details of the compensation as well as the emission reduction strategy are made available to the general public, specifying quantities and actions that provide users and other interested parties with the clarity and magnitude of the climate liability action.

Legality and Transparency

The relevance of achieving a neutral or reduced GHG emissions economy is to ensure the future of the new generations. The climate badge protocol 2°much! This provides the legality with the registration of climate compensation projects before notaries public, the traceability of the actions that are executed through the publication on the platform to provide transparency and with the signing of agreements with the collaborators.


Climate Action Badge


  • 1.2 Tons of CO2 Offset
  • Personalized Badge
  • Geolocated actions in a geoportal
Green Warrior


  • 2.4 tons of CO2 offset
  • Personalized Badge
  • Geolocated actions in a geoportal


  • 6.1 tons of CO2 offset
  • Personalized Badge
  • Geolocated actions in a geoportal
Natcoin Lover


  • 12.28 tons of CO2 offset
  • Personalized Badge
  • Geolocated actions in a geoportal