About Natcoin

A Blockchain-Based Ecosystem for Combating Climate Change

NATCOIN is a unique and secure decentralized cryptocurrency powered by Binance Smart Chain BEP20 smart contract. The platform enables anyone in the world to take part in the fight against climate change. Thanks to blockchain technology and tokenization, anyone can act with the purchase of tokens and get shares in return through staking bonus. 
The NAT5 team will collaborate with companies and individuals that are interested in taking specific climate action that will mitigate CO2 and they will use blockchain technology for this purpose. The task involves planting trees in the real world in an ecological restoration project to fight climate change. The main goal is for everyone to remain profitable in which they will be able to redeem rewardsfrom their actionagainst climate change. The profitability of the participants is crucial to increase the value of the currency.

Unlike our competitors based on CO2 credits, our project is based on true and verified real world actions, like planting trees. Our goal is to plant at least 10 million trees to tackle the problem of climate change and make cryptocurrency part of the fight. We want to create a symbol for the common person to be able to take part in this struggle against climate change, while using the revolutionary blockchain technology to achieve it.


Our team

Our team is focused on science, technologies and biodiversity conservation. Some of the main caracters, without forgetting all the onfield teams that are making the project possible.

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